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Information and possibly selling


Taken 12/11/18. As you can see it needs cleaning and also some of the latches need attention. The speedometer is easily changed from Mph to KM/h (some pics of either here) Here are a few taken previously… (~ March 2018)

2018-11-11 0

Photos with the new wheels

My wheel centres and stickers arrived and so below are some pics. I also learned that the temporary Swedish Registration is non-transferrable and so if you want to buy my Avantime then you will have to sort that out if I’ve not got a permanent one by then.

2018-07-31 0

July 18 – New Wheels

I’ve now fitted some new wheels to my Avantime. I will take some photos with them on once I receive the Renault wheel centres I have ordered. They are 18inch Volvo R wheels with 245/40 tyres I also learned a lesson about wheels in that although they have the same bultcirkel (bolt spacing?) the centre…
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All The Pics

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2018-05-23 0

Avantime Android

My Avantime came with the Carnet satnav – It took up the glovebox for the DVD player and a DIN Headunit space for controls. All this, I replaced with one Android phone – how technology moves on, eh!   (That lot of stuff I sold on ebay)   I thought I would write a quick…
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