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2018-05-23 Avantime 0

My Avantime came with the Carnet satnav – It took up the glovebox for the DVD player and a DIN Headunit space for controls.
All this, I replaced with one Android phone – how technology moves on, eh!


(That lot of stuff I sold on ebay)


I thought I would write a quick post about how I did this – by no means a detailed guide!

I started with a Doogee X5 Max which seemed to have all the features I needed. If I did it again I would get one a bit faster

Image result for doogee x5 max

On this I installed the cleanmod firmware to unlock etc.
The info I found on This site (which I google translated) using SP Flashtool (don’t overwrite too many things like the LK or you will have problems with the IMEI. Also don’t overwrite the preloader or you will almost totally brick it. I say almost as there is a magic pin on these MTK phones where you can flash on a new preloader, but it isn’t easy, speaking from experience!)

Whilst unlocking in fastboot mode, use this command to make it power on with USB: fastboot oem offmodecharge 0

This means you can get it to come on with the ignition.
Also on the phone I used this  logo.bin which you can see in the top picture and also this bootanimation.zip (there’s some software to install these – ah here’s the website I made it on)

Otherwise on the phone, I just had Android Auto, Torque Pro (which I used with a bluetooth OBD-II thing – they are pretty cheap, although need a wire modifying so it comes on with the ignition. From Memory it was the first pin was power which I cut and ran a wire over to one which came on with acc)
Other apps included:

  • One which forced everything landscape (I actually paid for that one as the free ones weren’t quite so good)
  • AutoPowerOff which would turn the screen off after a minute of power being disconnected then shut down after a few hours (the sleep bit was useful so it didn’t have to do a full boot if you just nipped out to eg. get fuel)
  • PowerButton which added home screen widgets to turn off the screen or turn off
  • This thing that got renamed “Dacar” which mixed the OBD2 data into a dashboard.
  • This one to make the volume on maximum all the time (as no access to the buttons when mounted)

To connect to the car, if you lift the lid on the secret cubbyhole, prise off the Privilege bit and undo the torx screws the lid will come off.

Then it’s just the vertical screws in the lid (not the ones facing the front silver bit) that need to come undone and it comes apart.
You hear a snap as a spring comes off it’s latch..

This bit does the soft-opening and also sensor for the light.

Fitting the phone in, I did this with bits I had available to hand, drilling a hole for the USB and also 3.5mm jack. Looks a bit of a bodge, but works. I drilled a hole in the front for the light sensor too to try and get the automatic brightness to work, although it didn’t work great.

Refitting the back cover of the lid you will need to hold the spring back into position – it’s a bit awkward but one arm goes against the metal screw-hole clip:

Back on the car side…

I made use of the old power wires to the satnav to connect a multi-cigarette lighter socket thing, with USB converters for the phone and an FM modulator.  The latter I just got as a temporary measure until I worked out how to get AUX into the amp. Well, it worked surprisingly well and getting anything but mono into the Privilege audio system needed soldering boards so I just left it – needed retuning on long journeys but wasn’t too much of a hassle.

I placed it by my LPG button to the right of the steering column

That thing also did handsfree – although it didn’t send the track info in the RDS as some do, but then as I used spotify on the phone it was showing on the screen and so hardly missed much that it wasn’t on the dash display behind it!

Do let me know if this has been useful to you or if you would like to know anything more.

Due to my heavy handedness trying to get remote buttons to work on this one, I had to repeat the process on a different phone so now has the Doogee X5 (not Pro or Max)

That one had an issue where the GPS didn’t work until I followed these instructions: http://www.chinasmartphonereview.com/fix-gps-problems/

Possible GPS Fix for phones who cannot get a lock without the use of data connection or GPS doesn’t Work at all. Check out the tutorial

Method 1: Use m44 tool box to fix GPS.(alternative is uncle tools – app download via appstore)


  • You need to have your phone rooted, “if an error comes up” – you don’t have rights etc… Then it needs to be rooted to have super User Rights so that you can now make changes.
  • You can also use the M44 Tool Box to rewrite imei number of your phone
  • Before doing the procedure, please do the following: go to settings – location and services – check all – also download epo (for accuracy of location services) you may need wifi or data connection for this.

Step 1. Pls download and install m44 tool box, open it. Then click line 2: Engineer model.

gps fix 1

Step 2. Pls click line 2: engineer model for MTK.

gps fix 2

Step 3. Find Location based service and tick.

gps fix 3gps fix 4

Step 4. GPS Pls Tick “on”, wait for auto update

gps fix 5gps fix 6

Step 5. Tick view and wait until satellites get a lock (might take secs to minutes depending on device)

gps fix 7gps fix 8

Observe until you get 5 to 6 green dots, check your location

via google maps, gps tests, etc…

I created a new google account on it so that if I sell the car (see Homepage!) then it can go with it.


I also have one of these you can get for a few quid on ebay.ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Car Diagnostic Interface Tool

Note that it is on all the time when plugged in, BUT there is a ignition controlled wire on the Avantime, so you can cut a pin and run a wire to that one. If I remember right, it’s cut pin 16 and run a wire to Pin1 but if you know what you are doing here you have a multimeter to test that!


Here are the apps I have installed… Dacar is what I use as a dashboard, although run to start on bootup, not as home app or it doesn’t get GPS.


My Android apps

Dacar diagnostic (OBD2 ELM) – computer and multimedia for your car

A booster providing continual optimized high speed

Featured File manager & App Analyzer which can explore the phones & computers.

Fast and smart typing with Search, GIFs and more.

The smarter way to search on the go.

Get the official Google Calendar app, designed to make the most of every day

Fast, simple and secure. Google Chrome browser for Android phones and tablets.

Google Play services – Google services for Android apps

Let your device do the talking

Get to know your car better with the advanced OBD2 diagnostic app.

The ONLY official TWRP app developed by Team Win for TWRP.

Power button emulation – on-screen HUD or notification, your choice.

You can control screen orientation from notification area easily.

Free music streaming: dance albums, disco hits, pop, hip hop, rap, jazz & more

SuperSU manages root access for your apps – requires a rooted device!

Measure vehicle BHP & Torque
Clear car OBD DTC faults,
View data in Google Earth

This is an amazing app that lets you take control of your device’s volume

The smart driving app for maps, music, messaging, and more, all hands free.

Real-time GPS navigation & local suggestions for food, events & activities


Startup Manager – Clean up your android system from system startup!

Simple application to turn screen on, using proximity sensor.

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