July 18 – New Wheels

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July 18 – New Wheels

2018-07-25 Avantime 0

I’ve now fitted some new wheels to my Avantime.

I will take some photos with them on once I receive the Renault wheel centres I have ordered.

They are 18inch Volvo R wheels with 245/40 tyres
I also learned a lesson about wheels in that although they have the same bultcirkel (bolt spacing?) the centre hole is a slightly different size.
So fitting the right ring in the middle solved all wobble issues. I suspect the previous wheels also must have had the incorrect ring.

So I now just have to fit the LHD headlights (the ones I have are from a Safrane which are meant to fit) and it’s ready to take its test here in Sweden.

I still don’t really have the time to be doing this and so if someone did want to offer me the right money to take over then see the Front Page of this site for more info.

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